Does Moen Garbage Disposal Works Well Than Other Garbage Disposal System?

In the US, Moen is a leading faucet manufacturer. It’s a firm that was established in 1939 in Seattle. The first product they manufactured was a handle faucet. Today, the company is manufacturing various kitchen and bathroom products including faucets, garbage disposals, and shower heads. Garbage disposals manufactured by Moen have gained popularity because of their efficiency and attractive designs. In the US, they have also become popular and especially GX50C.

The company has many types of garbage disposal. However, I have chosen some of them to see why they are much preferred compared to others. Here are some of them;

Moen GXP33C GX PRO Reviews

This product is suitable for use at home. Among the garbage disposals that Moen manufacture, this is the least powerful but better than other products in the market.

The garbage disposal is powered by a motor(⅓HP) running at 1900 RPM speed. It might be the slowest speed according to the company’s disposals but it’s the fastest among InSinkErator. It’s the reason why the seller will refer to this garbage disposal as a high-speed motor in the market.

  • Noise Levels

This product is in the list of continuous feed types of disposals. However, for noise, it’s least because of insulation that helps in cutting the manufacturing cost.

  • Quality

The grinding components that this garbage disposal has been made with galvanized steel. So, it means that they are strong and can resist corrosion.

  • Design

The moen garbage disposal is attractive. It has a shiny black appearance having a chrome touchMoreover, it’s stopper also has a chrome finish making it have everything when looking at its looks.

Garbage Disposal With 1/2 Hp in The Market

This type of series looks similar to GXP33C. However, it’s a strong machine with a speed of 2600 RPM and ½ HP. Besides, like many other garbage disposals in the market, it’s also a continuous feed type. The garbage disposal is powerful enough to dispose of your kitchen garbage.


  • High-speed motor
  • Easy to install
  • Preinstalled power cord
  • Removable splash guard
  • Chrome finished stopper
  • Competitive price


  • Quality

It has an advantage that exceeds most of the garbage disposals in the market. For example, it’s grinding components have been made with galvanized stainless steel. Moreover, it’s grinding chamber has been made with a corrosion-proof polymer that you can’t find in most models.

  • Design

It has a look like ⅓ HP disposal in terms of shape, color, and dimensions. So, it is a good looking type of garbage disposal.

Final Words

There are few features that are common in all garbage disposals from Moen. One of these features includes a universal express mount system. It’s a simple twist-lock system compatible. For example, when you want to replace a disposer you can position it and twist and lock. The other vital feature is a permanent magnet motor. For garbage disposals, they have two kinds of these motors; permanent and induction types. However, the good thing about why these Moen garbage disposals are better than others is because they have permanent magnet motors that make them more efficient.