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Precautions for Cleaning Battery Backup Sump Pump System with Right Guides?

Don’t be a stranger to a nasty weather. With a working sump pump system, you, your family, and your home are in safe zone. Summers are peaceful but, some places may bring thunderstorms in summers too. How would you cope up with these without a functional sump pump system?

Your machine will work only if you know the cleaning and maintenance method well.  If you are not sure how to do it, this article will give you lot more information than you would find elsewhere.

Precautions Sump Pump System with Right Guides

Are you ready to clean your Best battery backup sump pump system? Then let’s begin with a step guide that you can refer to in future too. Any sump pump machine that you buy, if you do not clean the backup battery, your task will be double and you will surely suffer from a migraine.

  1. Regular inspection works faster than any other method in cleaning. Inspection means you check all the parts of the machine and ensure that battery does not drain out. Get your battery backup inspected by a trained plumber so that you can fix all the minor issues related to it.
  2. Replace the damaged or rusted parts. The rainwater and excess water logging may sometimes make the machine turn on and off. Check the number of times your battery turns on and off. It this is happening frequently, then you may have to go for a replacement.
  3. Battery backups typically consist of a 12-volt battery, AC into DC converter, and a heavy-duty pump that is always attached to the battery. If you have a backup battery, as soon as your first pump fails, the backup starts to run and saves your life.
  4. Always check if your battery is fully charged. Some high-end quality batteries come with a free maintenance. Go for those as these relieve you from its costlier maintenance.
  5. Many battery backups come with self-charging options. So when the power is on, it will automatically switch off when the battery is fully charged.
  6. Test the pump; it is most essential. Try pouring a bucket of water and check the function in the sump pit. The backup battery must automatically work on to throw water in seconds outside the pits through the borehole.
  7. Disconnect the battery Always disconnect the battery before the cleaning process begins. Remove the battery from the pump and carefully clean all the dirt, dust, sediments, and stones accumulated.
  8. Remove the grease that is accumulated at the bottom of the pump and clean is part of part. Don’t make the hands too messy, you may use a clean cloth for the same.  
  9. Perform model-specific cleaning process as these may vary as per the battery purchased. You need to know your sump pump model well before beginning with the maintenance.
  10. Annual maintenance is the best thing to do. If you have regularity in cleaning the battery and backup battery of sump pump machines, you will have them live a longer life giving you a comfortable lifestyle as a result.